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Satrap Polymer Company has been established as a sub company of Satrap Industrial Group in 2005 and started its activities with the aim of producing various types of polyethylene films and bags in the Meymeh industrial area, located at 85 km of Isfahan transit road.


In the first phase, the company began producing polyethylene Blown Film in the form of roll and bags. All kinds of shrink films up to a width of 2000 mm, top pallets (top covers), shrink pallet bags, as well as rolls and bags for packaging applications in the chemical, agricultural and other industries are among these products.


In the second phase, launching a three-layer CPE production line, the company has been able to produce a variety of stretch films including hand stretch film, machine stretch film and silage film up to a width of 1000 mm..


In the third phase, using a five-layer CPE  production line, the company has been able to produce CPP / CPE lamination and stretch film up to a width of 1500 mm.


Professional personnel, modern machinery and high quality raw materials, as well as the company’s special position in Iran (access to international waters, and land and rail access to Central Asia and Europe) have provided a special opportunity to bring satrap to the global market.


At present, the company's products are applied in many factories and industries, some of which are the most important and most renowned Iranian companies and also some foreign countries.



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Tel : 021 263 00 703

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