Benefits of Hand Stretch Wrap Film

In 10 to 50 cm widths for various applications.

The best raw materials

High-Tech Manufacturing

Various kinds of stretch film roll suitable for manual wrapping

 In various thicknesses and colors.


High quality and affordable

Low packaging expense compared to other similar packaging materials.


Hand stretch film

Product Name

Applications & Specifications

* Range

** Inside diameter





25, 40,  76



HNM    Hand Nano Max

• 3 layer conventional hand wrap stretch film

• From in-house day to day needs to heavy industrial and commercial uses

• Core 76: suitable for manual pallet wrapping

100,  200 250,  300 400,  500

17 - 25


• 3 layer stretch film rolls with one handle

• Banding sets of products together

• Bundling multiple long cylindrical products

• Wrapping around some cylindrical products like car stir, wires, etc..

• 100 mm: sometimes used as tape

100, 150

17 - 25

100 - 300

• Extended core as a ready-to-use handles for each roll

• Easy application by hand

• Ideal for portable packaging needs

• No need to dispensing accessory


17 - 25


BNM    Bundling Nano Max

ENM    Bundling Nano Max

Hand Stretch Wrap Film

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Hand Stretch Wrap Film

Since the packaging with stretch film is very fast, easy and economic, nowadays, its uses have been extended from large industries to home applications. Hand stretch film has some limited packaging applications, for example, in household items packaging (for storage or moving), food product packaging, and it also has some applications in repair shops, industries and so on. This product is available in various widths, thicknesses and colors for domestic and foreign use.


Stretch Film

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